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Your Bearshark and You: Foraging

While they are unquestionably apex predators, capable of bringing down large prey items with ease, Bearsharks are predominantly foragers. Their ingenuity, combined with their hearty appetite, dictates that they will range far and wide in search of suitable sustenance. While it’s true that your Bearshark is excellent at finding food and satisfying his hunger, the… Read more »

hello, again

Hello, 2011. So far, you look even more post-apocalyptic than the last year. Just went through a major update; this blog once again functions as an accurate portfolio of all the music writing that I have done over the past 10 months or so. I’d like to make some promises right now, like I’ll never… Read more »

My Top Something of 2010

Everyone is doing these things, so here’s mine. has a collective top 20 we put together, but here are the albums I flat out enjoyed the most this year. Top Ten Metal Albums of 2010 1. AGALLOCH – Marrow of the Spirit (Profound Lore) 2. ALCEST– Écailles de Lune (Prophesy Productions) 3. BLIND GUARDIAN… Read more »

A Response

On November 4th, a review of the Mares of Thrace album The Moulting, written by Erik Thomas, was published on Metal Review. You can read it here. This review made me almost impossibly angry. It was the kind of red-hot magma flow anger that could not be assuaged by all the counting to ten, deep… Read more »

New Home

Holy crap, does it ever look spiffy around here. Thanks again to Adam Wills for doing such an incredible job with my blog redesign! This is the new home of The Zed Blog. Welcome!

and good will toward

Damn it. My first real, non-archiving, blog-ish post here and it’s going to be about my feelings. It’s been an excellent week in Poetry for Natalie Zed. Wednesday night, I read at the 7th installment of the NOW HEAR THIS! Hear/Hear reading series with Angela Szczepaniak and Elisabeth De Mariaffi. The back room we inhabited… Read more »

bloody but unbowed

The only thing I know to do when something ends is to start something new. I’m Natalie Zed. I write CD reviews, live reviews, and blog entries for Hellbound and Metallus Maximus.  I write poetry about S&M, gastroporn, comic books, video games, and heavy metal. I’ve never been very good at keeping my mouth shut.