Video Games

I have written features and opinion pieces on gaming culture and video games for Gameranx, and video games often creep in to the music criticism that I write for Toronto Standard.

Forthcoming: “World Building: The Rise of Feminist Video Game Organizations in Canada.” This Magazine. January/February 2014.

Comics Vs. Games at TCAF: Bit Bazaar Brings Gamers and Creators Together.Gameranx. June 3rd 2013.

A Glimpse of the Infinite: Bioshock Infinite.Game Dynamo. April 2nd 2013.

How A Torontonian Became An Award-Winning Video Game Writer.Torontoist. March 6th 2013.

Challenging the Gatekeepers: Exposing Fallacies in the ‘Fake Geek Girl’ Argument.” Gameranx.  February 4th 2013.

Sonic Mazes: Void creates a new interactive gaming soundscape.” Toronto Standard. January 14th 2012.

Confessions of a Back Seat Gamer: The Social Possibilites of Single Player.” Gameranx. January 10th 2012.

Reluctant Dance Partners: Heavy Metal & Video Games.” Toronto Standard. September 13th 2012.


Throughout June 2013, I participated in Junicorn, a month0long game-making incubator run by Dames Making Games and hosted by Bento Miso. I am almost-finished a game/ piece interactive fiction entitled Restless as a result, and the creative process of working on this game with so many mentors was one of the most positive creative experiences I’ve ever had. I blogged about it for DMG here, and here.

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