Amon Amarth/Eluveitie/Holy Grail at The Opera House, April 21 2020

Here is my review (originally for Metallus Maximus) of the Amon Amarth/Eluveitie/Holy Grail show that took place at The Opera House on April 21, 2010.  You can read the original here, accompanied by some terrible pictures I took with my iphone.

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Holy Grail

Natalie Zed (text) : Where are you? I’m by the bar.

Lily The Pirate (text): I’m at your Mom’s. She says hi.

NZ (text): FU

LTP (text): On the streetcar.

NZ (text): Hurry up. It’s 1985 in here. Also, I have spotted three Viking helmets and some chainmail.

LTP (text): Gaaaaaaaaah. Fast as I can.

LTP: Whew! That took forev—holy crap this is awesome.

NZ: I knew you’d love it. They played the opening to Conan The Barbarian just before they came on.

LTP: Goddamn, this dude can wail.

NZ: You and your eighties vocalists.

LTP: Are you denying his goodness?

NZ: Never! I highly approve of his hair.

LTP: Aw yeah.


LTP: Flutes are metal.

NZ: Literally.

LTP: I hate you.

NZ: I think that’s a balalaika (Russian folk instrument)!

LTP: Oh, Eluveitie. I’ve missed you.

NZ: Remind me: is the frontman one of your fictional boyfriends?


NZ: Deepest apologies.


NZ: This? Is so much fun.

LTP: Look how happy everyone is.

NZ: I love it. The shockingly cheerful violence. Warms my black little heart.

Amon Amarth

NZ: I see a smoke machine.

LTP: I see black light.

NZ: Whoa, those dudes are moshing.

LTP: They’re still playing the intro music!

NZ: There is nothing about this that is not awesome.

“Valkyrie’s Ride”

NZ: Hold my phone.

LTP: Here it comes.

NZ: *Runs into the pit, gets a boost, and crowdsurfs*

NZ: *runs back, panting and grinning*

LTP: Feel better?

NZ: Just popped my crowdsurfing cherry. Can die happy.

“Under The Northern Star”

NZ: These are my people!

LTP: Hoo boy. Here we go.


LTP: Sorry! Sorry everyone. She’s a Viking now. Goddamn.


Johan: *chuckles*

NZ: I am pregnant now.

LTP: Gross.

NZ: It’s going to be a boy.

“Live For The Kill”

NZ: Johan Klegg is King somewhere.

LTP: King of your dreams?

NZ: Whatever country he rules, I am going to move there. I am going to wear a breastplate and eat wild boar every day.

LTP: I am not coming to visit you.

Quote of the night: “I am a man now. I just felt my ball hair turn to steel wool.”

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