Metal musicians are some of the most fascinating interview subjects on the planet. My interviews appear in Exclaim!, Canada Arts Connect, and Hellbound.


Ephel Duath: Chemical Reaction.Exclaim.  December 2013.

Ihsahn: Emperor’s New Clothes.Exclaim. November 2013.

Whores: Not The Easiest Band Name To Google.Exclaim. November 2013.

Vista Chino: Transcending The Past.Exclaim.  August 2013.

Watain: Doors Open.Exclaim. August 2013

Blood Ceremony: Victorian Victors.Exclaim. July 2013.

Fuck The Facts: the Horrors of Freedom.Exclaim. July 2013.

Palms: The Isis Legacy.Exclaim. July 2013.

Interview: Alice In Chains.Exclaim. June 2013.

Interview: Kylesa.Exclaim. June 2013.

Interview: Ghost.Exclaim. May 2013.

Interview: Pristina.Exclaim. April 2013

Interview: Shai Hulud.Exclaim. April 2013.

Interview – Tomahawk.” Exclaim. February 2013.

Interview: Dragged Into Sunlight.Exclaim.  November 2012.

Interview: Neurosis.” Exclaim.  November 2012.

Interview: Devin Townsend.” Exclaim.  October 2012.

Gojira Interview.” Exclaim.  September 2012.

Nachtmystium Interview.” Exclaim.  September 2012.

Interview: Old Man Gloom.” Exclaim.  July 2012.

Interview with Yasin Hillborg, Director of Så Jävla Metal.” Hellbound.  June 14th 2012.

Interview: Marduk.” Exclaim.  June 2012.

The Love Below – Interview.” Exclaim. May 2012.

Interview: The Great Sabatini.” Exclaim.  April 2012.

Christian Mistress – Possession (review + interview).” Exclaim.  February 26th 2012.

Interview: Alcest.” Exclaim. February 1st 2012.

Junior Bruce – The Headless King (review + interview).” Exclaim.  January 29th 2012.

Daniel Erlandsson of Arch Enemy Talks to This Is Not A Scene.” This Is Not A Scene. December 6th 2011.

Questionnaire: Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine.” Exclaim. December 2011.

Feature Interview/Review: Blut Aus Nord – The Desantification.” Exclaim. November 22nd 2011.

Neil Daniels: The Hellbound Interview.” Hellbound. September 21st 2011.

Interview with UnexpecT.” Alternative Matter. July 28th 2011

Sylvus: All For One.” Hellbound. April 29th 2011.

Barren Earth Interview: The Blessing and the Curse (Kaspar Mårtenson).” Metallus Maximus.  Archived: April 7th 2011.

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