Song Reviews

I regularly contribute the column “One Track Mind” to This Magazine‘s website, wherein I review a single track of a recent Canadian aggressive music album.


One Track Mind: Anciients – Heart of Oak – Raise The Sun.This Magazine. April 25th 2013.

One Track Mind: Eyeswithoutaface – Warguts – Beautiful and Cruel.” This Magazine.  February 7th 2013.

One Track Mind: Purity Control – Coping EP – Remote Viewing.” This Magazine.  January 16th 2013.

One Track Mind: Cryptopsy – Cryptopsy – Two-Pound Torch.” This Magazine.  November 29th 2012.

One Track Mind: Bison B.C. — Lovelessness – Anxiety Puke/ Lovelessness.” This Magazine.  November 8th 2012.

One Track Mind: Devin Townsend Project – Epicloud – Lucky Animals.” This Magazine.  September 19th 2012.

One Track Mind: Column of Heaven – Mission From God – Hic Svnt Dracones.” This Magazine.  September 6th 2012.

One Track Mind: The Agonist – Prisoners – Ideomotor.” This Magazine.  August 2nd 2012.

One Track Mind: Shooting Guns – Born To Deal In Magic: 1952-1976 – Harmonic Steppenwolf.” This Magazine. June 28th 2012.

One Track Mind: This Hisses – Surf Noir – Gold On Fire.” This Magazine. June 14th 2012.

One Track Mind: Biipiigwan – Nibaak – Kingmaker.” This Magazine.  May 31st 2012.

One Track Mind: The Great Sabatini – Matterhorn – City Limits.” This Magazine. May 17th 2012.

One Track Mind: Cancer Bats – Dead Set On Living – R.A.T.S.” This Magazine. May 3rd 2012.

Favourite Rush Song: ‘Limelight.‘” Hellbound.  July 1st 2010.

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