Book Reviews

In addition to serving as the Reviews Editor at This Magazine, I frequently write book reviews.  My book reviews most frequently appear in Quill & Quire,  National Post, The Globe & MailThis Magazine and Toronto Standard.


Forthcoming:  “Review of Wood by Jennica Harper.” Quill & Quire. January/February 2014.

“Review of Children of Air India by Renée Sarojini Saklikar.” Quill & Quire. December 2013.

Book Review: The n-Body Problem, by Tony Burgess. National Post. October 25th 2013.

Four new sci-fi and fantasy novels worth reading now.The Globe & Mail. October 18th 2013.

Review of Auxilliary Skins by Christine Miscione.Quill & Quire. October 2013.

Review of Dark All Day by Darryl Joel Berger.Quill & Quire. September 2013.

Book Review: This Is How You Die: Stories of the Inscrutable, Infallible, Inescapable Machine of August 26th 2013.

Robots in Love, and other new science fiction worth a read.Globe & Mail. August 9th 2013.

Ill-Fitting Villainy: Chuck Klosterman’s I Wear the Black Hat.Toronto Standard. July 25th 2013.

The ‘Geisters, by David Nickle.National Post. July 13th 2013.

The Small Nouns Crying Faith by Phil Hall.Quill & Quire. July 2013.

The Last Temptation of Bond by Kimmy Beach.Quill & Quire. June 19th 2013.

River of Stars, by Guy Gavriel Kay.National Post. May 10th 2013.

Raw Throat & Bloody Knuckles: The Writing of Catherine Owen.” Wolsak & Wynn. April 23rd 2013.

White Piano by Nicole Brossard, trans. by Erin Moure and Robert Majzels.Quill & Quire. April 10th 2013.

In Calamity’s Wake, by Natalee Caple.National Post. April 5th 2013.

Cosmo, by Spencer Gordon.” The National Post. December 14th 2012.

Perfect Youth: The Birth of Canadian Punk by Sam Sutherland.” The National Post. October 19th 2012.

Learning How to Breathe: On Laina Dawes’ What Are You Doing Here?” Toronto Standard. October 11th 2012

“Emily Schultz’ The Blondes.” with Dani Couture. This Magazine, November/December 2012.

“Heather Birrell’s Mad Hope.” This Magazine, September/October 2012.

“Liz Bugg’s Oranges & Lemons.” This Magazine. September/October 2012.

“Anita Lahey’s Spinning Side Kick.” This Magazine, November/December 2011.

Sam Cheuk’s Love Figures.” This Magazine, September/October 2011.

All Pens Blazing: A Rock and Heavy Metal Writer’s Handbook, Volumns 1&2, by Neil Daniels.” Hellbound.  August 9th 2011

“Susan Holbrook’s Good Egg, Bad Seed.” filling Station #36. Spring/Summer 2006.

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