My scholarly background is in Canadian Literature, and so it’s always a great pleasure to flex those academic muscles and tackle essays about books and writing.


Interview: Nicolas Billon.The Walrus Blog. November 28th 2013.

Interview: Teresa Toten.The Walrus Blog.  November 28th 2013.

Interview: Katherena Vermette.The Walrus Blog.  November 22nd 2013.

“Kicking Ass and Changing Games: Profiling Annie Koyama.” broken pencil. Issue #59, May 2013.

“IRL: Living Publicly.” Matrix Magazine. #95, Spring 2013.

Bookthug: Books With Spine.” broken pencil. Issue #57.  November 6th 2012.


Open Book Toronto

For the month of February 2013, I served as the Writer-in-Residence for Open Book Toronto. Here are all of the blog posts, articles and reviews that I wrote during my tenure there, including thought about the writing process and writing life.

A Public Life.Open Book Toronto. February 27th 2013.

Obsessions.Open Book Toronto. February 26th 2013.

First Blush.Open Book Toronto. February 25th 2013.

Talking It Out.Open Book Toronto. February 22nd 2013.

Becoming Nocturnal.Open Book Toronto. February 21st 2013.

Growing Wings, and Penance.Open Book Toronto.  February 20th 2013.

Robots vs. Bleeders.Open Book Toronto. February 19th 2013.

A Clumsy Thing About Love.Open Book Toronto.  February 14th 2013.

On Plagiarism.” Open Book Toronto.  February 13th 2013.

Self Care.” Open Book Toronto.  February 11th 2013.

Snow Day.” Open Book Toronto.  February 8th 2013.

Wide Open Space.” Open Book Toronto.  February 7th 2013.

Writing Vs. Being A Writer.” Open Book Toronto.  February 6th 2013.

I Have No Idea What I’m Doing.” Open Book Toronto.  February 5th 2013.

Writer’s Block Doesn’t Exist.” Open Book Toronto.  February 1st 2013.

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