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Daily Roundup July 24th 2013: Spoiled

I’m trying something new with this site, to make it less static. Rather than just serving as a landing pad, information source and archive for my writing, I want to make things a little more dynamic again. I’m going to be implementing a new content strategy over the coming weeks (BLARG “content strategy”), so stay… Read more »

Open Book Toronto Writer-In-Residence

For the month of February 2013, I am the Writer-in-Residence over at Open Book Toronto! Almost every single day all month, I’ll be posting a new blog post, book review or meditation on writing and writing life. Come visit!

Heavy Metals

Holy crap, actual new poetry! Published originally on Joyland Poetry. * Metallica – Master of Puppets   Some cultures used thorns. Others, needles or silver or bone. The suture could be made of silk, strips of an animal’s muscle, tendons, hemp thread. Ants might be coaxed to bite the edges of the wound, and once… Read more »

Resolutions 2013

Over the last year and a half or so, my life has felt like the execution of one gigantic resolution, so I haven’t felt much of a need to make smaller ones along the way. In September of 2011 I quit my job to pursue freelance writing full time, and 2012 has been my first… Read more »

Canadian Weblog Awards Nomination

I just discovered that this humble website has been nominated for a 2012 Canadian Weblog Award in the Arts & Culture and Writing & Literature categories! Thank you so much to Ninjamatics and all my readers. Thank you for reading my pieces, visiting the Zed List for Toronto heavy metal concert listings, and generally being… Read more »

Trisha Low, on DOOM

On October 6th 2012, I read at the Segue Series in New York City. The incomparably brilliant Trisha Low invited me and introduced my reading and my work, and did an excellent job of it. She has kindly allowed me to publish the introduction that she prepared for my performance. *        … Read more »

Things You Can’t Do When You’re Dead

— watch the buds on the trees open — drink tea — drink beer — walk in your pyjamas to get warm croissants and coffee — write down funny things your friends say — pet a cat’s soft belly — play the guitar — go to concerts — hide food in a bush outside of a… Read more »