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The Magnetic Fields at The Sound Academy, March 30th 2012

“You can’t bring that in there.” I resisted the urge to swear and turned around. The security guard shining her light into Dani Couture‘s bag was shaking her head. My ticket had already been scanned, but I turned and walked back to the doors. Despite the pleasant fog of four glasses of pinot grigio, which… Read more »

Girls Don’t Like Metal

  This week, I launched a new column called “Girls Don’t Like Metal” with Canada Arts Connect Magazine. This is an idea I’ve been turning over and over in my mind for a few months now, as a starting point for an even larger series of projects focussing on women and heavy metal. Here’s a… Read more »

Natalie Zed’s Top 15 Abums of 2011

At long last, here are my Top 15 Albums of 2011: 40 Watt Sun – The Inside Room (Cyclone Empire) All Else Failed – Wouldn’t Wish This On Anyone (War Torn Records) Atlas Moth – An Ache For The Distance (Profound Lore) 4. Falconer – Armod (Metal Blade) Fuck The Facts – Die Miserable (Relapse)… Read more »

The Wrecking Ball: A Scream UnFestival Event

A piece I originally wrote for Canada Arts Connect, discussing the origins of the Wrecking Ball hybrid performance series. *                  *               * A few short weeks ago, Bill Kennedy, the Artistic Director of the Scream, announced the Festival’s demise. This… Read more »


As I am sure you have noticed, has undergone a complete, glorious redesign. We had added a lot of new functionality, especially to the Zedlist. Take a look around, and let me know what you think!


I really have no words to express how overjoyed I feel in the wake of The Wrecking Ball. The event was a grater success that I had ever hoped for. Thank you to the poets: Dani Couture, Chris Doda, Damian Rogers, and angela rawlings, who performed their poetry brilliantly and got a room full of… Read more »

Wrecking Ball Media Roundup

So, the Wrecking Ball is happening in, let’s see, 48 hours or so (I am going to barf). While my anxiety disorder has been whispering all kinds of  doomsday scenarios to me, people actually seem pretty pumped about the event. Here’s some of the fantastic media coverage that we’ve received so far: Out wonderful sponsors… Read more »

The Wrecking Ball

The Scream Literary Festival, a Toronto institution for the past eighteen years, is closing its doors this summer. This will be this final Scream. Rather than the usual festival events, Scream supporters and alumni are throwing their own UnFestival in honour of the Scream, a celebration and a wake for a festival that has meant… Read more »

Your BearShark And You: Bribery

Your BearShark can sometimes be… stubborn. This contrariness is part of their majestic charm, but can occasionally be trying for even the most patient handlers. Luckily, there is an easy and straightforward solution that’s both humane to your BearShark and satisfying to the handler: bribery. While BearSharks are fond of many things, such as naps… Read more »

Your BearShark And You: Feet

Your BearShark’s hind paws are incredibly sensitive. This is a crucial piece of information that’s often a surprise to new BearShark handlers. The feet of your BearShark should only be handled with the utmost care and delicacy. It’s theorized that this incredible sensitivity is partially due to their pattern of activity. BearSharks spend a good… Read more »