Monthly Archives: July 2013

Daily Roundup: The Death of a Triceratops

All weekend, between writing projects and bbq-ing vast quantities of almost-bad meat for my inlaws (because nothing beats freezer burn like marinade and fire), I’ve been picking away at my website, updating all of my outbound links so that all the pages that link to my writing were more recent than, oh, FEBRUARY. Time for… Read more »

World Takeover, Book Review Edition

Earlier in July, I wrote a review of the excellent novel The ‘Geisters by David Nickle for the National Post. It’s a scary, kinky, harrowing, squicky and deeply haunting ghost story, and I thoroughly enjoyed every page of it.

Daily Roundup July 24th 2013: Spoiled

I’m trying something new with this site, to make it less static. Rather than just serving as a landing pad, information source and archive for my writing, I want to make things a little more dynamic again. I’m going to be implementing a new content strategy over the coming weeks (BLARG “content strategy”), so stay… Read more »