hello, again

Hello, 2011. So far, you look even more post-apocalyptic than the last year.

Just went through a major update; this blog once again functions as an accurate portfolio of all the music writing that I have done over the past 10 months or so. I’d like to make some promises right now, like I’ll never fall nearly 3 months behind in keeping this up to date again, but you and I know that promising to stay more organized is an open invitation for the universe to dump an entire toolbox into my gears.

I would, however, like to use this space a little better, keep it a bit tidier. I’d like to use it to catalogue more of my creative/personal life, rather than serving entirely as a hub for all my online going-on, and an archive for my music writing. We’ll see how that project goes. I am nothing if not optimistic.

So, hello new year. Let’s see what you got. Any room for a writer/ poet/ metalhead/ supervillain/ geek/ gamer/ pornographer/ gourmand,/ sadomaschist/ feminist/ comic book nerd?

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