Copywriting and corporate writing are other ways in which I apply my skills as a wordsmith. I have extensive experience writing eloquent, cohesive and engaging content for both corporate and private clients. I excel at creating SEO content and developing content marketing strategies, as well and have a proven track record of improving my clients’ page rank, page views and overall traffic.

In the past, I have worked as in in-house copywriter for The Infinity Network, creating customized, keyword-focussed content for a number of their corporate clients. I currently work as a contract copy writer with digital agencies Ignite Digital and Art & Science, and have created high-quality, SEO-friendly blog posts and website content.

I also work as a freelance copywriter, creating engaging and effective content for small businesses, independent artists and entrepreneurs. I particularly enjoy creating content for bands and musicians. Through my own content and promotions company, Golden Spruce Entertainment, I offer a number of packages specifically tailored to those working in the industry, including bios, press kits, website content, press releases, social media strategies and grant applications.

Whether you need blog posts that educate and entertain, informative and intelligent website content, focussed and dynamic advertising copy, well-constructed marketing content, press releases to grab the reader’s attention, in-depth feature articles or bright and snappy newsletters, I am capable of creating the high-quality content that you need.

If you require copywriting or corporate writing that can bring you quantifiable results while simultaneously engaging your readers, don’t hesitate to contact me. Let me tell your story.

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