Things You Can’t Do When You’re Dead

— watch the buds on the trees open

— drink tea

— drink beer

— walk in your pyjamas to get warm croissants and coffee

— write down funny things your friends say

— pet a cat’s soft belly

— play the guitar

— go to concerts

— hide food in a bush outside of a concert

— have sex for six hours

— draw pictures

— make toast at four in the morning

— smell things

— wait for butter to soften so you can make cookies

— make friends with dogs in the park

— sing songs while you vacuum

— discover new music

— put together furniture from Ikea

— dip your toes in the too-cold lake

— listen to records in bed

— walk around the city

— read books in the park

— smile when the new bakery downstairs bring a tray of warm bagels into your office

— kiss


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