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Weekly Roundup: Time Flies

Holy hell, a week went by and I posted nothing. I’ve been keeping my head down and writing my ass off and being generally overwhelmed, which means I’m putting up a hell of a lot of links here in one fell swoop.

Daily Roundup: A Study in Contrasts

Wherein it has come to my attention that promoters dislike it when you mention their events were poorly run and badly organized, and venues dislike it when you point out that their toilets were overflowing with poop.

Daily Roundup: Raw

My partner has a long and storied relationship with professional wrestling; I have a long and storied relationship with finding professional wrestling stupid. It’s been a long time since he watched it religiously (he used to write about it fairly frequently too), but he drifted away once MMA cast the spell of being an actual… Read more »

Daily Roundup: Fireplug

So last night, my boyfriend affectionately referred to me as a “fireplug.” Another term for fire hydrant, it’s used to refer to a particular athletic body often found in wrestlers: short, stocky, stubby-limbed, but strong as hell and with a wicked low centre of gravity. I’m rather fond of the term.

Daily Roundup: Antihistamine Dream

When I experience stress, it manifests directly in my physical body. As someone with an anxiety disorder, I get the usual panic attacks and spiralling thoughts and sudden inexplicable aversions, but much more so than in my mind my stress appears on my body. Specifically, it shows up on my skin.

Daily Roundup: Downpour Edition

The weather is so terrible that it’s looked like the dead of night outside my windows since this morning and the thunder is stressing Harley out so bad she’s hiding in her crate chewing on her dog bed.