Your BearShark And You: Bribery

Bearshark and Hippo

BearSharks can also be bribed with toys.

Your BearShark can sometimes be… stubborn. This contrariness is part of their majestic charm, but can occasionally be trying for even the most patient handlers. Luckily, there is an easy and straightforward solution that’s both humane to your BearShark and satisfying to the handler: bribery.
While BearSharks are fond of many things, such as naps and backrubs, food is by far and away the most effective bribe item. BearSharks regard hunger as a very powerful motivator, and a hungry BearShark is a grumpy BearShark. Offering something tasty is an absolutely surefire way to put your BearShark in a more accommodating mood.
Bribe suggestions: chocolate and peanut butter, cookies with honey, salt & vinegar Crispers, anything that contains caramel, small pieces of grilled meat (especially chicken and steak), bacon,and, for a healthy alternative, small carrots with ranch dipping sauce.

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