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Going quiet for a bit

I’m going to be away for about a week, maybe a bit more. Expect it to be a bit quiet around here for a few days, and please be patient with me, as I expect I will be much slower than usual at responding to correspondence. I will be back in touch as soon as… Read more »

Open Book Toronto Writer-In-Residence

For the month of February 2013, I am the Writer-in-Residence over at Open Book Toronto! Almost every single day all month, I’ll be posting a new blog post, book review or meditation on writing and writing life. Come visit!

Resolutions 2013

Over the last year and a half or so, my life has felt like the execution of one gigantic resolution, so I haven’t felt much of a need to make smaller ones along the way. In September of 2011 I quit my job to pursue freelance writing full time, and 2012 has been my first… Read more »

Things You Can’t Do When You’re Dead

— watch the buds on the trees open — drink tea — drink beer — walk in your pyjamas to get warm croissants and coffee — write down funny things your friends say — pet a cat’s soft belly — play the guitar — go to concerts — hide food in a bush outside of a… Read more »