Daily Roundup: The Death of a Triceratops

All weekend, between writing projects and bbq-ing vast quantities of almost-bad meat for my inlaws (because nothing beats freezer burn like marinade and fire), I’ve been picking away at my website, updating all of my outbound links so that all the pages that link to my writing were more recent than, oh, FEBRUARY. Time for another resolution to update my bibliography every week! BLARG.

Over the weekend, I also finished working on the first instalment of a super secret new project that will come to fruition shortly, that I am dying to share with the universe. So soon now! Suffice to say for now that is involves a lot of science fiction and fantasy novels, which makes me ridiculously happy.

My review of Patheon of Blood‘s new record, Tetrasomia, was published on Exclaim. “There’s warmth and trembling vitality to the instrumentation that allow moments of softness and vulnerability to penetrate the darkness.”

My review of the new Spirits of the Dead record, Rumours of a Presence, is also up on Exclaim. “Spirits of the Dead, firmly anchor their aesthetic in the deep, fat niche of very early ’70s hard rock.”

CARNAGE. (p.s. the green thing is a squeak toy and not a dildo. Thank you.)

CARNAGE. (p.s. the green thing is a squeak toy and not a dildo. Thank you.)



Also, today was the day that Herley decided her beloved triceratops toy had to die. RIP Trikey.


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