STAIN: “Zombies Ghosts & Demons,” w Corpusse/ Burning Iceberg/ Red Armband

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When: 18 Jan 2013 @ 9:30 PM

Where: The Velvet Underground

How much? $7.00

This event is All Ages

Performer Bios

Monty Cantsin Amen
Performance and video artist, industrial music and electropop singer, and founder of Neoism. Recent work involves noise installations and performances with electrically modified file cabinets. He also founded the “Machine Sex Action Group” which realizes theatrical cyber-futuristic body performances in an S/M style. His more controversial works involve vandalism and gore, painting large X’s in his own blood on the walls of modern art museums, and in doing so he has been banned from many of the world’s art galleries, a status he holds with pride. In March 2004 he was awarded the Canadian Governor General’s Award in Visual and Media arts.

Making music,recording and performing.I also curate Skull Studio.Original art work for sale and show in various places,cities and galleries.check out the FB group for that info.

Burning Iceberg
punk jazz noise band with Wesley Rickert’s hard core guitar beat-noise and Kathleen Reichelt hits on the keyboard and accordion characterize the duo’s skeleton-music style.

Red Armband
Neoist hyper-pop seizure music for all your aches and pains!!! Convulse now! Leave your antispasmodic pills home!

Mizz Duval
Multidisciplinary performing artist from Toronto her work consists of a pastiche of musical styles. Duval has considered the topics of eugenics and artificial intelligence from a philosophical perspective and uses these concepts creatively. Duval’s music and lyrics are also inspired by Futurism and the current state of science and technological culture.

Ulysses Castellanos is a multidisciplinary artist and independent curator living and working in Toronto. For over a decade he has exhibited or performed extensively accross Canada, The United States, Latin America, Europe and Asia. His work encompasses new media, film, video, music, performance, painting, photography and sculpture-installation. The central aim of his art practice is to demystify established socio-cultural constructs by involving the viewer in the (often humorous) debunking of idealized paradigms. Castellanos culls images from films, television, literature and popular music and turns recombines these images into performances and installations where they can be manipulated, juxtaposed, contrasted and collided against each other, in order to elicit a shift in perception and understanding. Ulysses is represented by Peak Gallery, Toronto.

Judy Virago – (n) /vɪˈrɑ:goʊ/ (vi-RAH-go)

Queer vegan ecofeminist, rockstar drag cwene, neon baglady, urban elfpunk, rat parent, turnip and lover of handicrafts.

1. a loud, overbearing, violent, and ill-tempered woman;
2. a woman of great stature, strength, and courage.

Late 14c., “man-like or heroic woman,” from L. virago, from vir “man” (see virile).

1. scold, nag, termagant, harpy, shrew, battle-axe, dragon lady, fury, harpy, harridan, termagant, vixen

See also:
-Sexual Slur
-Woman Warrior

Embrace holy visions of excess and let your body sink into pixel oblivion against a backdrop of rhythmic A/V noise. A ritual celebration for the post-TV/post-cinematic cultural wasteland.

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