It’s Hard Out There For A Hench

I had an idea for a novel simmering in the back of my mind for a while. An image or a plot point would occasionally emerge from the fog, and for a few months I would occasionally pick away at it. Then, one weekend this past fall, something shifted into place in my head and I started writing. Hard.

I wrote the first 20,000 words in about 10 days.

I have more than triple that number now, and am in the last push through the first draft. It’s exhilarating and terrifying and is by far and away the most fun I’ve ever had writing anything.

I asked my friend and colleague, the illustrator and concept artist Rachel Kahn (who you may know from her brilliant By Crom! comics) to help me out with some character concept development.

Everyone, I’d like you to meet Anna, a/k/a The Librarian.


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  1. jesika

    Heya…. I just wanna thank you for being the source for my metal concerts. I have you under my firefox bookmarks as THEE source for my metal shows… I think it is high time I say thank you. So, a big THANK YOU to you from me, this lonesome Toronto heavy metal chick, for your listings. THANK YOU. Toronto Jes. Spelling mistakes? Meh…


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