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Fight Amp — Birth Control

Originally written for Exclaim. New Jersey pugilists Fight Amp are in their eighth year of writing and performing metallic, punk-influenced noise rock. Their third full-length offering, Birth Control, is somewhat of a concept album that follows the narrative of an apocalyptic bildungsroman, as the main characters struggle through life, from adolescence ’til death, contending with social… Read more »

Skullians — Don’t Take It To Heart

Originally written for Canada Arts Connect. It’s nearly impossible to follow the piece advice that forms the title of Toronto party punk band the Skullians second album, Don’t Take It To Heart; after a few spins I found a deep affection taking root for this brash, obstinate and defiantly upbeat record. Don’t Take It To Heart is a textbook improvement… Read more »

Orange Goblin — A Eulogy for the Damned

Originally written for Exclaim. *                   *                 * Orange Goblin hail from the UK and have been around since 1995. They have their roots in stoner metal, but have evolved over time, incorporating aspects from other influences and styles,… Read more »

Sick Of It All — Nonstop

Originally written for About Heavy Metal. *                    *                * In 2011, New York-based punk/hardcore legends Sick Of It All celebrate their 25th anniversary. Nonstop is a laudatory album, an opportunity for the band to re-record all their most beloved tracks and… Read more »